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When Outer Beauty Doesn’t Come Naturally

Let’s face it, there are days where, no matter if we’re a super model or a prepubescent teenager experiencing intense acne, no matter what we do, we just don’t feel attractive.  Beautiful doesn’t exist in our vocabulary that day no matter how many natural, at-home facial mask recipes we try courtesy of Pinterest.  At most, we feel just acceptable enough to peek our heads out from under our covers.

We can remind ourselves that outer beauty isn’t everything, but truth is on these days you feel down right miserable. While you may feel like you could turn a litter of kittens to stone with one glance, one of the best things you can do is remind yourself that someone out there thinks you’re beautiful.  My ex from high school was good for reminding me of this.  I was always so embarrassed by pimples, and he told me, “Kaity, no one sees your zits when they look at you.”  Genius, right?

If this obvious piece of advice isn’t enough for your days of misfortune, don’t reach for more makeup.  There’s no need to hide sunshine! I decided to share a small list of ways I make myself feel beautiful (or at least a little pretty), on these dreaded days.

  • Light a candle.
    • Smell that? It’s you, staying in all day in your sweat pants, smelling the sexy fire from your fall Yankee Candle.  In all seriousness though, the ambiance will make anyone feel gorgeous, most importantly from the inside.  It’s probably similar to a warm hug from Olaf.


  • Take a long, hot shower.
    • Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, unwelcome guests, the general public, or your own thoughts bothering you?  Shower.  Life is just better in a hot shower.  It’s like a warm, relaxing, pause button for life.  For as long as you want, or have time for.
  • Put on your favorite lotion, especially when you lay down in bed. (Psst, I LOVE Winter Cranberry by Bath and Body Works during the holidays!)
    • Just lay there with your hands in your face, and dream of berries, vanilla cookies, or Japanese Cherry Blossoms.
  • Lip sync to your favorite song.
    • Pull a Taylor Swift and get theatrical with it.  Hell, do it in the hot shower you’re taking. Then rub lotion all of yourself while you’re still lip syncing.  You’re guaranteed to be late wherever you’re going, even if it’s to bed, but you’ll have fun.
  • Wear pretty underwear.
    • Aerie, Victoria’s Secret, PINK, lace, boy short, thong, whatever you fancy.  You don’t need a reason to wear them other than you want to.
  • Wear matching bra and underwear.
    • If you even OWN a matching bra and panty set, you’re already a winner.  YES THIS ONE
  • Wear your boyfriend’s clothes to bed.
    • Or girlfriend, whoever it is you’re lucky enough to love, sometimes wearing your significant other’s clothes to bed (I wear his t-shirt then whatever I want on the bottom, which varies) makes you immediately feel pretty.  I honestly can’t begin to explain why.
  • Wait to put your perfume on last.
    • If you are really struggling to get ready in the morning and you feel that terrible about your appearance, save the perfume for last.  End your morning beauty routine on a good note and take a big whiff when you spritz that bit of heaven on yourself.  Now that you smell like a pleasant bed of roses, and carry on with your bad, beautiful self.

The most important part of this list is that these are all things that make me happy. So put away the mirrors, turn up the jams, dance (clothed or naked, just not naked in public), and know that happiness is true beauty, and happy girls are the prettiest girls.


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