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Early vs. Late Twenties

If there’s anything I could tell my 21 year-old self now as a 26 year-old, I would tell her life gets way better in your late twenties.  Minus paying for your own health insurance and being enslaved to your student loans.  That will always feel like a root canal without the drugs.

At 26 years-old, you’ve finally begun to reach a point where you become so comfortable with who you are that it’s actually humorous.  For example, let’s compare:


21: Dressed up and worried you’re still not good enough in a large crowd of strangers.

21 frat party photopartay bridesmaids

26+:  Yogas or sweatpants, maybe you throw on some mascara, hanging out with five people max, drinking a beer, watching movies, and playing Mario while you eat off your sweatshirt, because well, you’re keeping it classy.

26 plus party anna kendrick


21:  All of your gorgeous, glamorous party photos and best life memories that will surely score tons of likes.

21 facebook meme

26+:  Keeping in touch with family, and maybe two friends.

facebook 26 meme


21: Too many friends to keep track of.

26+: You may have two friends left who haven’t moved or had babies yet, and you don’t mind because you’ll have an easier time deciding where to eat.

People pleasing:

21: You cry when someone doesn’t like you and apologize until they do.

21 people pleaser21 people pleasing elephant photo

26+:  Your two favorite mottos are “sorry not sorry” and “can’t please everyone.”

26 sorry


21: I can eat whatever I want.

21 pizza meme food pyramid21 diet cat

26+:  Nope,  I definitely can’t.

26 diet meme


21: You’re desperately trying to get out of your parent’s house.

26+: You’re barely able to afford or find time to keep up with your new apartment, and you miss the way your mom always had fresh bath towels… that were folded perfectly.

first apartment meme

Bills and finances:

21:  You might have a cell phone bill.

26+:  Cell bill, health insurance, retirement, cable, utilities, car bills and upkeep, student loans, credit cards, any medical bills, rent…wait cable? Screw it, don’t need it.

26 no adult meme bills



21: Touches, playful pushes, sexy texts, etc.

26+:  Asking, “So what do you do for work?” because now you’re getting serious about them.

Foreplay (in a long-term relationship):

21: You know…foreplay.

26+:  You skip foreplay when you come home and see your significant other has done the dishes and paid the bills.

“Ooh, you cleaned the dishes? Tell me what else you cleaned…you dirty boy.”

foreplay 26+ meme


I’m always saying that the best things happen when we step out of our comfort zone, but when we’re comfortable with who we are that it’s this funny… I’ll take that over who I was in my early twenties any day.





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