My First Novel Journey

A Change of Pace & Novel Update

It has been a while since I blogged. I tried running a lifestyle blog while writing a novel… it didn’t work. I discovered that in order to run a lifestyle blog you have to actually do things. Frivolous spending doesn’t happen for me anymore, making it difficult to do things worth blogging about. Except for the occasional buffalo chicken wrap from my favorite takeout place once a month, but no on cares about that and really, it should probably stop.

When I decided to quit my second job to pursue writing “full time” (you know, besides my real full time job), I noticed I only wanted to work on my novel. At first I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing anything that had an immediate payoff, but then I realized that was one of the points to making more time for myself. To find myself.

So, I’ve deleted the lifestyle blogs and sent them to the blog cemetery. Then I “revamped” this one, where I will be reflecting solely on the journey of writing my first novel… and maybe sharing a random thought here or there in article-like format.


The last time I blogged about my novel progress was so long ago, that I since put that novel on the back burner, and intensely started planning a new one. I’m talking over 36,000 words spread across eighteen Google Docs of information, a notebook of ideas, original maps, character sketches, the works.

See, I grew to hate my old novel so much I was crying over it (crazy, I know). At the same time, I had a new idea for a fantasy novel that wouldn’t leave me alone. I’d open the chapter outline for my first book, then write scene ideas and develop characters for my fantasy book in the notebook next to me. Naturally, the fantasy book consumed me and almost a year later, I’m building two worlds with completely different cultures, deciding on magical powers, and developing story lines that on the surface are entertaining and enchanting, but represent deeper, bigger, gut-wrenching problems I love.

My dilemma is that I am so heavily into the plotting/planning stage that I’m trying to get organized so I can keep moving forward. However, when it comes to planning a novel, it turns out my brain is as scattered as my Google docs and hand written notes, so it’s hard to figure out where to begin.

My attention span was horrendous during the holiday season, but with all of those joyous and wonderful distractions behind me, I’m picking up where I left off, sorting through tons of notes and files in hopes of creating a chapter outline by the end of the spring 2017 (May-ish). Although I’m not even sure if that will happen… Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

I am having so much fun with this novel, playing with the creative freedoms of the fantasy genre and trying to intertwine it with the real-life treachery and down-to-earth elements I love so much. I look forward to continuing to reflect on the process here…without giving too much away of course.






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