My First Novel Journey

WIP Update

(FYI: For those who don’t know, “WIP” stands for “work in progress.” Not sure if this is a universal acronym yet, or just a popular hashtag on Twitter.)

This week was slow to say the least. Honestly, I was feeling really uninspired. Usually I don’t let that stop me from writing, but outlining tends to be different for me. As much as I love writing, outlining can sometimes feel like work. (Writing a novel is hard people! We writers do love it, but sometimes it’s just hard. Cut us some slack.)

That being said, this week I officially got my main character from her home country (beginning of the book) to the magical islands where all hell will break loose. (I wish I had a better way of describing the islands right now, but all I’ve got is “magical”…sorry.)

That point A to point B outline has taken me almost a year. It’s crazy how much you learn in a year, such as methods you should have used months ago to outline. I guess I can’t expect anything less with my first novel. On the plus side, with all that I am learning through this process, I am noticing I am able to make more progress in smaller amounts of time. Yay!

Now that my main character is where she will be for the majority of the book, a huge chunk of information is approaching in my outline that I anticipate will be more difficult than anything I’ve encountered yet. I have powers to delegate, story lines and sub plots to develop and weave, and a conclusion and solution to decide on. I know how I want the book to end, but I have come up with a thousand ways the primary conflict ends up solved.  So that’s good.

Recently, I decided to start setting quarterly goals for myself. This quarter, (until June 30, I believe), I said I would finish my chapter outline and the first draft of the first five chapters of my book. I’m thinking this goal maayy have been a little too big, but I’m not going to quit just yet. While my efforts were slow this weak, they weren’t absent. That being said, I did make some progress this week and I still think I’m on track to finishing the chapter outline by the end of April.

*Breaks into a sweat thinking about it*

Then I have two months to bust out five chapters, which I know I can definitely do.

Do you set quarterly goals for yourself? I’ve already found it to be useful. I’ve reflected on my progress (in writing) in my planner every night before bed, and so far, have only slipped on getting my butt to the gym this week. (That ice cream cone last Sunday tasted SO good though, and doctors and I consider myself healthy…so I have some leeway ;-)).

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing where my novel is at the end of this quarter, because I’m on track and loving where it is going. While I won’t be giving any details away about the plot any time soon, I will be reflecting on my chapter outline at the end of April and sharing if I conquered the first step of my quarterly writing goals or not.

Until then, I have some powers to delegate, subplots to create, and havoc to create on these magical, mysterious islands.





1 thought on “WIP Update”

  1. This novel sounds so exciting, Kaitlynn! Magical islands FTW! I wish you the best of luck with your outlining 🙂 I’ve found it really exciting, personally, especially when all the pieces start to come together. I also find that it makes writing easier because I’ve already gone through the questions of “what’s going on here?” and “how do I get from a to b?” I think it frees me up to focus on the details of the scenes and creating the best emotional impact I can. If you need anyone with whom to bounce ideas, just let me know! (It’s one of my favorite parts of writing.)


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