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Mother’s Day

Usually I update on my goals, but because of this special day and my less-than great progress on those goals, I’m going to choose to do otherwise.

Today is Mother’s Day! I’m the furthest thing away from being a mother possible. With tons of student debt, a boyfriend who may or may not fear commitment (engagement), and a sudden urge to run the other way when a baby screams or cries, I’m no where near ready for my own children. Though I do want them some day.

I have such a high level of respect for mothers. A level that is pretty much unattainable by any other human being, (not saying I don’t have respect for others, because plenty of people and professions deserve way more than they get, but my respect for mothers is different). I’ve been a teacher, a nanny, and have seen my two sister-in-laws go through pregnancy and the challenges of raising babies from day one (as well as my mom, but I was one of her babies with irrational behavior…my observations weren’t as good).  Mom’s do it all and rarely get thanked for any of it. Not to mention, while the kids are young, the mom’s are doing it all with little sleep. They’re amazing. I doze at work on less than seven hours of sleep.

That being said, I just knew when I graduated college that not only are my boyfriend and I not ready for that huge step, but that I just have way too many things I want to do and figure out before I give my all to another human (plus I know I’d struggle financially big time). So I just want to say this:

Writing a book is hard enough. Being a mom is even harder. If you are reading this blog, you’re likely a writer, reader, or maybe neither. Either way, if you are a mom and a writer reading this blog, I want to give you serious applause. If you’re a mom I’m giving you serious applause. Whatever your situation is, if you’re a mom working for your dreams while raising kids, or just trying to raise your kids and putting your dreams on the back burner for them – in every meaning of the word mom –  I send you my love.

Thank you for everything you do. My mom is my rock, and some day, your children will say the same.

Also, on a lighter note, happy Mother’s Day to all writers out there, because though it’s not the same as being a mom in real life, you birthed someone beautiful and complex from your brain. So enjoy some serious writing and creation today with a side of cookies or coffee.

All moms everywhere. You deserve it. ❤


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