My First Novel Journey

The Quarter End is Near…

Whelp, that went by fast.

This post is going to be short and sweet. I’ve been busy on the weekends lately with some odds and ends things, as well as family visits, so my free time has been rather…scheduled. All with things I love, but my mind has just been preoccupied lately. I don’t have much to say but this:

There’s zero chance of me hitting my writing goal this quarter. Absolutely none.

My original goal was to finish my chapter outline and the first draft of the first five chapters.

My chapter outline isn’t done. Though I think I will be able to finish it by the end of June when the quarter ends.

I have tried SO many ways out outlining this quarter, from paper, to note cards, to digital sticky notes, to charts and so on. It’s been a hell of a learning experience. I’ve finally started compiling (what I think is) one final outline from my 28 outlines floating around on various mediums.

Because of how scattered all of these versions of my outlines are, if I’m not careful, I find myself spitting out tons of new ideas while outlining, going off on tangents and pretty much writing a new book. I’m NOTORIOUS for doing this. It’s a huge reason why I haven’t actually completed anything yet/continue to not meet my goals. (Sometimes it’s so bad, I’m beginning to think my boyfriend isn’t the only one with possible commitment issues…)

What are your solutions to this problem? From what I’ve seen, many other writers have this same problem, or experience similar ones.

That being said, I am more aware of my problem now more than ever, and am starting to gather all of my notes and outlines into one, cohesive outline in hopes of finally kicking this bad habit.


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