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Quarterly Goal Reflection

I’d like to say this was the first time I’ve set goals and achieved them all, but sadly, I only achieved a couple. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve any of my writing goals. However, I did make serious progress on my outline.

I was looking for my post where I shared my quarterly goals for last quarter, but I couldn’t find it. I do remember the four most important ones though, so to reiterate those:


Finish chapter outline and the first draft of chapters 1-5


Build fold-down leaf addition onto kitchen island and eat at the table like a civilized couple.


Workout five a days a week, every week.

Day job:

Get promoted and apply for at least five new jobs.

The blue goals are the ones I achieved. Half is good…right? Who REALLY works out five days a week? And my writing goal was a little intense.

It’s kind of weird, because the reason I didn’t achieve the other goals are because I was trying to make progress with the other goals, with the exception of the home goals. I took that goal a step further, and after finishing our kitchen island/table, I refinished a storage bench in our entryway I’ve been meaning to do for a year.

Though I didn’t complete all of my goals, I made serious progress.

I have 33 chapters roughly outlined in my novel, the first 17 of which are set in stone (for what they can be as I believe a writer’s work is constantly changing and evolving throughout the process). I do believe that if it wasn’t for my goal setting, I likely wouldn’t have made it that far, and that’s at least something to celebrate.

Also, I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes it is hard for me to get in the right head space to write when I am so worried about other aspects of my life.

I love designing, my coworkers, and the vast majority of those above me at my work. On the other hand, there are things I don’t love about it. I have been striving to increase my responsibilities and income at work. Since I’ve reached the highest role possible at my job, I have financially hit a plateau and my duties can feel a little redundant. Feeling underpaid and not challenged is an awful feeling, so to conquer this goal, I am working on consolidating/refinancing to save money, while trying to find a new job that’s rewarding and challenging for me.

This goal is a huge deal. It’s a constant battle trying to find a new job and lower my loans, and one that takes much of my attention away from writing and personal life. I often get waves of anxiety over feeling stuck in my job and personal finances. Naturally, this stress is a little consuming, and puts a huge burden on meeting my writing goals. But we all have our struggles and excuses. I’ll keep working hard and things will work out like they’re supposed to :).

That being said, it’s time for new goals! Here they are:


Finish my friggen chapter outline. That’s it. If I continue on to writing, then yay!


So I’ve started a new clean eating plan and HIIT exercise routine using the 8Fit app. The app is pretty amazing, and I’ve been dedicated to using it now for just over a week. I haven’t been feeling the best about my health lately, and though I’m a “healthy” weight, I haven’t been feeling healthy. So I’m on track to lose some weight, eat healthier, get in shape and most importantly feel better. This will spill over into the rest of my life and I’m super excited about it :).

Long story short- my health goal is to stick to the app until the end of this quarter and see where it takes me.

I don’t like putting an emphasis on numbers, but instead, how I feel.

Day job:

Well, I can’t get promoted anymore as I was told I’m as high up as I can go (again sounds better than it is. Not to be negative, I just don’t want people to think I’m ungrateful, but I also don’t want to share details of my pay, position, etc. It’s just not cool to do that.)

That being said, I will apply for at least five more jobs, whether that’d be freelance, full time, or part-time. I would like to add at least 8K more on to my annual income, and learn more about digital design and marketing (SEO, writing, digital advertisements, web design-in no particular order for now).



That’s right. I’m setting a blogging goal. I blog, but I don’t interact with other bloggers and it’s time to start doing that. So here’s my vow to follow other blogs and interact with my favorites :). I will find at least five that I like and try to interact with on a weekly basis.


*Phew* This post was long and I’m all blogged out. If you’ve read this whole post, I’m flattered. It’s time for me to go have a snack and lunch, then get to my chapter outline.



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