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Bye Toxicity

I've started noticing something lately. While we are all guilty of what I am about to talk about, some are far more guilty than others. This is especially true when it comes to the work place. Imagine this: It's Monday and you've just set your stuff down on your desk as you arrive to work,… Continue reading Bye Toxicity

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Personal Writing

Have you ever written something so personal, it hurt? Whether that'd be in your current manuscript, a diary entry, or anything else. As of yesterday, I had this idea for an entire chapter, that at the root was incredibly personal to me but I felt so strongly that it had to be written. It's not… Continue reading Personal Writing

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Mother’s Day

Usually I update on my goals, but because of this special day and my less-than great progress on those goals, I'm going to choose to do otherwise. Today is Mother's Day! I'm the furthest thing away from being a mother possible. With tons of student debt, a boyfriend who may or may not fear commitment… Continue reading Mother’s Day

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It’s OK to Dream Big

I'm part of a fabulous, large writing community on social media. I adore each and every one of them and how they positively pollute my news feed with the energy I need to sometimes stay motivated when the writing gets tough. If it wasn't for these like-minded, determined, artistic individuals who love literature and writing as… Continue reading It’s OK to Dream Big

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Early vs. Late Twenties

If there's anything I could tell my 21 year-old self now as a 26 year-old, I would tell her life gets way better in your late twenties.  Minus paying for your own health insurance and being enslaved to your student loans.  That will always feel like a root canal without the drugs. At 26 years-old, you've finally begun… Continue reading Early vs. Late Twenties

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How To Know If Your Love Still Finds You Attractive

Here's the problem if you came to this post in hopes of learning about ways to read your significant other's mind— it's impossible! I hate to admit that this blog has been inspired by a conversation John and I had tonight, and that sadly, I caught myself being a stereotypical female.  You know, those women men… Continue reading How To Know If Your Love Still Finds You Attractive

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When Outer Beauty Doesn’t Come Naturally

Let's face it, there are days where, no matter if we're a super model or a prepubescent teenager experiencing intense acne, no matter what we do, we just don't feel attractive.  Beautiful doesn't exist in our vocabulary that day no matter how many natural, at-home facial mask recipes we try courtesy of Pinterest.  At most, we… Continue reading When Outer Beauty Doesn’t Come Naturally