My First Novel Journey

Oh, Hey

It's been two months since my last post?! I haven't blogged in so long, and for good reasons. 1.I GOT A NEW JOB. (Check that off my quarterly goals list!) I'm now a graphic designer/marketing associate with a bank in the greater Boston area. It is a massive improvement from my first job in terms… Continue reading Oh, Hey

Random Thoughts, Random Posts

Mother’s Day

Usually I update on my goals, but because of this special day and my less-than great progress on those goals, I'm going to choose to do otherwise. Today is Mother's Day! I'm the furthest thing away from being a mother possible. With tons of student debt, a boyfriend who may or may not fear commitment… Continue reading Mother’s Day

Random Thoughts, Random Posts

How To Know If Your Love Still Finds You Attractive

Here's the problem if you came to this post in hopes of learning about ways to read your significant other's mind— it's impossible! I hate to admit that this blog has been inspired by a conversation John and I had tonight, and that sadly, I caught myself being a stereotypical female.  You know, those women men… Continue reading How To Know If Your Love Still Finds You Attractive